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    Why You Need Mac Antivirus Software

    It's a rare event to hear about a widespread computer virus attack on Mac computers, so you might question whether Mac antivirus software is even necessary. While popular belief maintains that the Mac operating system — OS X — is less likely to be infected by a virus or malware, Macs are not infallible...

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    Internet Privacy & Security: 5 Safety Tips

    The best tool to avoid spyware and stay safe on the Internet is your own brain.

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    Removing Adware: What are the Risks?

    Many pieces of software are available as freeware or shareware, meaning you don't need to pay for their use. You may, however, have to agree to install what's known as "adware" on your computer, which displays advertisements and collects data about which websites you visit...

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    Staying Safe on Social Media

    The family meeting now involves discussions on Internet safety for kids — what parents expect from their children in terms of responsible Internet usage, and discussions about common-sense precautions that will keep kids safe online...

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    Small Business Security Calls for Vigilance, Tools

    Your small business network may be under attack by cybercriminals. We don't need any inside information to know this, and it is not a scare line. It is a basic fact of business in the Internet age. Unlike "brick-and-mortar" thieves, who have to spend time and effort looking for places to break into, cybercriminals can case out thousands of potential targets with a few keystrokes...

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    Stay Safe with these Online Shopping Tips

    You’re shopping online, you’ve found a great deal on a new camera, and you don’t want to miss out. However, you’ve never heard of the retailer before. Or maybe it’s one you know, but you think there’s something not quite right about it…

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    How to Fend Off a Computer Virus: What You Need to Know

    Even though computers have become a constant feature of modern life, many people still don't realize the enormous risks that come from constant interaction with technology...

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    Choosing an Antivirus Solution

    There are a lot of factors to take into account when you’re trying to select the best antivirus solution for your needs. With the security of your data, digital identity and financial transactions at stake, it’s worthwhile investing some time in assessing each antivirus product.

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    Protection from Spam Mail Tips

    "Spam" has been an Internet buzzword since the dawn of email, but what is it, exactly?

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    Preventing Data Leaks

    Users often underestimate the degree of interest hackers can have in their personal data and commonly treat their choices of passwords with a certain indifference. However, using identical or very similar passwords to access various online services means that if just one password somehow falls into the hands of cybercriminals, users risk losing control over all their accounts.

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