Kaspersky Targeted Attack Discovery

A comprehensive compromise assessment


The latest attacks are aware of the protection tools their victims have in place, - and are developed accordingly, bypassing existing automatic security controls. If they remain undiscovered, these kinds of attacks can lurk within your organization for months. Running a compromise assessment is an effective way of understanding if your existing detection and prevention systems are sufficient. It helps to uncover past and ongoing attacks, enabling the most effective response.

Comprehensive analysis

Detects compromise attempts using a combination of approaches, including threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment and incident investigation

Proactive mitigation

Timely identification of security incidents mitigates their impact before it becomes apparent and protects your resources from similar attacks in future

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The Use

  • Reveal any current or past cyberattacks quickly

    • Discover if you’re currently under attack – and understand the nature of the attack and the attacker
    • Detect on which of your systems the attack is present
    • Understand how the attack is affecting your systems
  • Plan your response based on detailed reporting

    • Analysis of the intelligence gathered about threats and Indicators of Compromise
    • Description of possible attack sources and compromised network components
    • Response recommendations to mitigate the incident’s impact and prevent future attacks
  • Put Kaspersky’s unique expertise at your service

    • A proven track record of effective targeted attack research
    • Cloud reputational network, uniting more than 100 million nodes worldwide
    • Dozens of security assessment engagements across all verticals every year

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The Risk

According to recent research, a high proportion of security incidents are undetected. Relying on automated detection and prevention mechanisms alone, you run the risk of failing to detect:

  • <p>Non-malware based attacks</p>

    Non-malware based attacks

  • <p>Attacks involving previously unknown tools</p>

    Attacks involving previously unknown tools

  • <p>Advanced attacks already at work in your infrastructure</p>

    Advanced attacks already at work in your infrastructure

  • <p>Attacks exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities</p>

    Attacks exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities

  • <p>Cyber-espionage activity</p>

    Cyber-espionage activity

  • <p>Fileless attacks</p>

    Fileless attacks

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