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Getting the best security solution is just a first step in the security strategy. To transform it to the efficient protection of your IT infrastructure, you need to design, implement and configure your products according to the best practices and your unique security requirements. Maximize ROI from your security solution and ensure you it is used at 100% from it by engaging with the our experts who can assist you at every step of this transformation.

What We Offer

  • Implementation service

    Implementation service

    offers you expert assistance and support to make Kaspersky Lab’s products deployment seamless, trouble-free and ensure you operate according to best practices, have optimal settings and make the best use of Kaspersky Lab’s centralized management software.

  • Configuration


    offers you expert assistance in identifying the most efficient configuration of Kaspersky Lab products that will fully match your security goal and at the same time reflect current threat trends and landscape

  • Health-Check


    Following a complete audit of your product settings and network environment as a part of Health Check Service our experts provide you with a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations on how to improve security and/or systems management efficiency.

  • Product trainings

    Product trainings

    will help your IT resources to get to know the whole power of the new security solution and prepare for their everyday work with it by teaching the most effective use of Kaspersky security technologies in their environment.

In Use

Reduse implementation risks

Evolving team of experts on earlier stages of security solution implementation helps to avoid serious mistakes that can cause from decrease of the protection to overall IT productivity degradation and even downtimes. Our experts will help you with the proper project planning and assist your IT team at every project stage, making sure that everything is going according to the project plan.

Reduce implementation costs

Your IT team is busy working on several projects at the same time. Implementation of new security solution is another urgent, yet long-term project. Involving specialists who experienced in building and deploying this solution, can help to minimize the impact on your daily business operations and lower the total costs, by avoiding typical issues and reducing project duration.

Prepare IT staff for proper product maintenance

The best way to learn is to practice, but practicing on your real IT infrastructure may not be the best idea, until there is a trusted mentor, who will prevent you from making mistake and guide you to the right way. This is how we deliver our professional services- our focus in not only in delivering a particular scope of work, but also in training your IT staff by demonstrating product compatibilities, explaining operational principals, and preparing them for further product maintenance.

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Kaspersky Professional Services


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